DENNY – (40’s) is a large man, a veteran of World War II, and a pushover to the people to whom he is closest.

EM – (70’s-80) is a retired actress whose wit and wisdom compensate for her physical frailty. The moral foundation.

EVIE – (early 30’s) is a stand in for Marilyn Monroe and has similar, though not identical features and measurements.

SHEILA – (20’s – 30’s), a young Africa-American woman who works in the studio’s Commissary.

WALTER – (30’s) is the bookish, unassuming screenwriter. He keeps to himself when he can help it.

JIMMY – (20’s – 30’s) is a young reporter for a Hollywood gossip magazine who enjoys his work and thinks he’s the
best in the business. He acts accordingly.

MOLLY – (20’s) is a young naive aspiring actress looking eagerly for her big break, any way she can get it.

Guest Character: SAMMY DAVIS JR.